The Portal

”The Portal” is a modern and integrated IT environment capable of managing all aspects of forensic investigation – medicine, toxicology, psychiatry and genetics. The system has been developed during the last 20 years in a close collaboration between The National Board of Forensic Medicine in Sweden and Rationell IT. The system is now a central part of The National Board of Forensic Medicine IT environment.

The system is unique in that it handles the entire flow from referral to reply, including all the steps in between. There are functions for basic case handling, electronic document- and image handling, fully digital management facilitates, statistics and much more

The portal is based on modules and programmed in Java, the most common software language at the moment. Therefore the system is highly adaptable to the needs of all aspects of forensic investigations. The interface is built on a modern window manager technique that enables users to adapt their view to fit their own needs.

Foric Flow is the common name for systems that are built on the technique that forms the foundation for the “Swedish Portal”, and can be adapted and tailored for other countries specific needs.