Foric Flow

The system is an integrated and highly adaptable case handling system for forensic processes.  It is a modern IT environment capable of managing all aspects of forensic investigation – medicine, toxicology, psychiatry and genetics. The system has been developed during the last 20 years in a close collaboration between The National Board of Forensic Medicine in Sweden and Rationell IT

Beyond the shadow of a doubt

Highly qualified forensics are at the heart of all modern judicial systems. Results of autopsies, toxocological analyses and psychiatric examinations often play a crucial role when criminal cases are tried in court. Guilty or not guilty? Today’s society places very strong demands on forensics – conclusions must be based on the most reliable analytical methods available.

Recognition of quality

The demands placed on computer systems and databases used in forensics are understandably rigorous. In Sweden the RMV has been evaluated regularly by SWEDAC the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment. In each instance the RMV has received recognition for its high standard of quality. The IT environment in national forensics has contributed to the excellent results by making the complete workflow both visible, verifiable and manageable. All questions of security and integrity have also been solved within the current system.

Product features

 Autopsy planning and morgue mgm.
 Forensic genetics

Highly adaptable
Module based
Personally customizable view
Adaptable to support
peripheral hardware
(label printers, scanners, dictation

 Digital document handling
 Imagehandling, image-editing
 Digital postal mangement

Structured information facilitates research and follow-up
Hierarchical coding based on
WHO standards
Fully digital mangement facilitates
search and statistics
Built in reports for follow-up 

 Built to meet the demands of accreditation and information security
 Chain of custody
 Log and fully tracable