Rationell IT has in tight collaboration with the national Board of Forensic Medicine developed a case handling system, named "The Portal", that covers the entire forensic process within the areas of forensic pathology, forensic psychiatry, forensic chemistry and forensic genetics. The National Board of Forensic Medicine demanded a system that would bridge over these four areas of activity and that could deliver a unified functionality regarding administration and document handling. Although many different kinds of software products for forensic processes were commercially available none was found to be versatile enough and thus the need to create The Portal was obvious

The Portal is a system exclusively built for the National Board of Forensic Medicine. The module-based structure makes it possible to create tailored solutions for every aspect of forensic case handling. Rationell IT and the National Board of Forensic Medicine are soon to make an agreement that makes it possible for us to offer The Portal to departments of forensic medicine in other countries. This means that a tailored solution can be created fast and at a low cost.

The National Board of Forensic Medicine has entered into this agreement with the aim to increase international collaboration and development. A key feature in such a collaboration is the creation of an international core-database that could collect comparable data from the different nations. Another long-term goal is that the participants could benefit from the overall system development resulting in an up-to-date system at a low cost.